LITRON ~ Dual Ion Hair Dryer with Nozzle & Diffuser

  • LITRON ~ Dual Ion Hair Dryer with Nozzle & Diffuser
  • LITRON ~ Dual Ion Hair Dryer with Nozzle & Diffuser
  • LITRON ~ Dual Ion Hair Dryer with Nozzle & Diffuser
  • LITRON ~ Dual Ion Hair Dryer with Nozzle & Diffuser

LITRON ~ Dual Ion Hair Dryer with Nozzle & Diffuser


The LiTron is one of the lightest hair dryers on the market.
Even at its highest speed, it is quieter than other dryers. 

Comes with Diffuser, Concentration Nozzle 

Even though it was designed for stylists, by stylists, you don't need to be a pro to have beautiful hair.

  • Shortens Drying Time | Dual Ionic Generators for beautiful results, fast.
  • Hair Feels Softer | Increased Shine & Smoothness from Nano Silver & Titanium Natural Elements
  • Helps to Fight Frizz & Static | Infrared Heat & Ions lock in natural moisture
  • Comfortable to Use | Super Light Weight, 9ft Cord 
  • 2 Year Warranty | Shock & Heat Resistant Motor 
  • Ultra Quiet & Energy Efficient |1800 Watt Hybrid Performance DC Motor.
  • Eco Friendly | Low EMF.
  • Travel approved | Dual Voltage & North American Safety Plug *converter may be necessary

Read more about how the innovative technology in the LiTron does all the hard work for you HERE. 


    Positive Ions (Blue Indicator Light on handle): to add volume, fullness, and speed up dry time

    • Concentrate at roots for more lift and use all over for increased body. Fine & Limp hair will love this feature. 
    • Use POS Ions (blue) to Power Dry fully saturated hair half way, and focus the nozzle at the root while massaging hair until dry encourage lift. Once roots are dry to touch, adjust the Ion switch to NEG (green) for a smooth finish.
    • Damaged, thirsty & coarse hair will love a Positive Ion blast of COOL air during its next deep conditioning treatment.

    Negative Ions (Green + Indicator Light on handle): Smoother, shiny hair that is resistant to static and frizz. 

    • Use the NEG Ions (green) with the diffuser nozzel on low-med temperature for frizz free curls. 
    • Hold the dryer above your head, and point the concentration nozzle down so the air flows parallel to the hair at med - low temperature to fight frizz and static. 
    • When round brush blow drying, once hair is dry and fully wrapped around the brush, use the high heat setting with a low flow to set the curl pattern, then finish with a blast of air from the COOL SHOT button for 5 sec or until hair feels cool. Unwrap from brush and allow to fully cool before touching.  


    • Curly Hair - Attach Diffuser & Set LiTron to NEG Ion (Green), Low Temperature & Low Heat. Cup curls in the Diffuser attachment and allow to cool before styling. 
    • Fine / Flat / Lifeless Hair - POS Ion Switch (Blue) gives great lift at the root & increases volume of the rest of the hair. Switch Litron settings to NED Ion Switch (Blue), Low Temperature and add a COOL SHOT to finish off your blow dry for ultra smooth styles with great body.
    • Damaged / Unruly / Frizzy / Staticky Hair - Far Infrared & NEG Ion Switch smooths & softens hair, drives moisture into hair to fight frizz & static. 
    • Thick Hair - Tourmaline & Titanium Technology shortens blow dry time without increasing damage.  Start to dry hair with LiTron set to POS Ion (Blue), High Flow, and Med Heat until hair is 75% dry. Switch the settings to NEG Ion (Green) until hair is 90% dry. Finish the rest of the blow dry with your favourite brush on High Heat and finish with a blast of cold air by activating the COOL SHOT button to lock in the style. 


    long last styles

    Advanced technology heats hair from the inside out for longer lasting styles, without the heat damage.

    designed by pros

    We asked Master Stylists, Beauty Junkies, and Hair Pro's what their dream tools would be like. This is what they came up with.

    Ship direct to your door

    We proudly ship from Toronto! We have FREE shipping to North American addresses and affordable shipping to our global friends.

    2 year warrenty

    We're here to help! If something's not right, ship it back (on us) or bring it in to one of our local retailers.

    Made In Korea

    Simply because they are known for making the best hair tools in the industry. Our Pros agree.


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