What to look for in a GREAT Hairdryer?

There are many different factors that go into choosing the perfect hair dryer.

Besides the usual suspects (price, warranty, and colour), we have consulted with master stylists from all over the world to figure out what features matter most in a great hair dryer, considering all hair types and textures.

We took these pro tips and used them to design an affordable hair dryer that makes hair smoother, softer, fights frizz, and shortens drying time.

You can check out the full details HERE, or keep reading to learn more about the innovative technology we included in our LiTron Hair Dryer. We believe it's the "Holy Grail" of features that all great hairdryers should have. 

Positive Negative Dual Ionic Hair Dryer LiTron Tourmaline Free Shipping


Ions are tiny particles created by natural elements in the dryer. 

Negative Ions  (Green + Indicator Light on the LiTron's handle) break up water into smaller molecules.

These tiny surface droplets dry quickly, and those next to the hair shaft are easily absorbed. When all of the surface droplets are dried, the negative ions smooth down the cuticle, locking in the absorbed moisture for shiny, healthier looking hair.

When hair is full of absorbed moisture, it has no need to search for moisture in the air, which eliminates frizz caused by humid environments.

At the flip of a switch (Blue + Indicator Light on the LiTron's handle), you can turn off the negative and replace them with Positive Ions, which fluff up the cuticle, if you’re craving bounce and body (a must for finer hair types).

You can stick to the negative position (Green - Indicator Light on handle) on those days you’re after a sleeker style.

Try adding your fav oil to dry hair or beard, and adding a COOL blast of POSITIVE IONS. They will open up the cuticle driving the conditioning treatment deep into the hair.


Tourmaline is a natural element, whose crystals have been crushed into a fine powder and transferred to the major components of the appliance.

The tourmaline technology maximizes the negative ion output which closes the cuticle layer, creating smoother hair.

Titanium manages a steady temperature and dries hair faster. Faster dry time is especially beneficial for thick heads of hair.


Ceramic is another element commonly used in less expensive dryers.

Titanium is 40% lighter in weight than its ceramic counterpart is, making it excellent for quick styling and makes the dryer lighter and more comfortable to use.

Titanium & Tourmaline emit consistent, far-infrared heat which quickly dries hair from the inside out, and creates a smoother and silkier texture. It helps to close down the cuticle and controls frizz/static better than ceramic.


Tourmaline & Titanium are used to build into the components of the dryer because they emit far-Infrared heat, gentle electromagnetic waves of energy that penetrate into the hair shaft.

This warms the hair from the inside out leading to quicker drying time which minimizes exposure to heat and potential damage.

In comparison to ceramic, this process leads to significantly less friction along the surface of the hair so hair feels softer, is smoother and has beautiful shine.

Combined with a POS & NEG Ion Generator Frizzy Hair and Static are eliminated.

You'll find all of this technology and more innovative features in our LiTron Hairdryer HERE. 

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